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By Luisa Baltazar, Founder & Chief Communicator. Linkedin | Facebook | Blog

Dialogy Consulting was founded after many years as a markeeter using and developing my focus on priorities, quality of outputs and results and my intrinsic skills of communication. All of that fueled by a passion for innovation. If one would ask what shapes me, the values and the mission of this company, I would reply that it is this drive to learn and to evolve that I still carry after almost 20 years of career in the MKT, HR, Start-up and IT worlds. In constant search for the paths that may take my curiosity from knowledge to wisdom, I truly feel and believe that I do have the power of communication and therefore I fully intend to use it. And use it I will, side by side with a team of “super skilled heroes” in all the challenging projects that may come our way and request our help to grow further.

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Consulting Services in strategy and implementation in Communication & Marketing. Online & Offline.

Companies need efficient marketing to grow their business. We have it. Skilled resources and customized solutions. All hand-picked.


We provide personalized Consulting Services on Marketing & Communication, Brand Management, Website Development, Social Media Management and Content Generation, Marketing Programs & Initiatives and Event Organization,

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Expert teams will dig in deep into your business needs and create a customized solution that makes sense for your audience, your industry and your goals. Through a mix of product development, market research, branding, online and offline advertising, public relations, content marketing and other options, our solutions will provide you with results. If you need efficient marketing to grow your business, then we have it. Skilled resources and customized solutions. Hand-picked for you.

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We are a team of partners and of hand-picked resources from a valuable pool of experts and freelancers from different fields, that is assembled according to the specifics of each project and challenge. If you wish to have career growth and like diversity, flexibility and challenging projects, then join our list of available Super Skilled Heroes by filling this TYPEFORM.

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